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⁣Is this Leaked Memo Really Trudeau's Covid Plan for 2021?

Melissa Lev
Published on 25 May 2021 / In News & Politics
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KingEdwardIwasRight1290 22 days ago (edited)

I've been doing this red pill stuff for about thirty years now and it's all falling into place now. Noahide laws will be put in place with a very harsh Bolshevik system used to control or take out any kick back from the cattle. Note to any White Freemasons, Police, Military, Doctors and Nurse who serve the beast system you'll all be killed anyways eventually as you skin is your death sentence. Better to fight with team White now while you can. Keep Troth.

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FearlessFaith 3 months ago


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BrodyBro 4 months ago

This fucker needs to be shot dead and beheaded..

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Wicked01 2 months ago

& his wife both filthy pedo cunts!

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UninformedConsent 4 months ago

I don't know if it's real but the camp's are ready to go. That was disclosed on C-SPAN.

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Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev 4 months ago

Yes, the isolation camps/centers are in every province. No one knows their location, kept secret. That's where the unvaccinated will be taken. We are being treated as a health risk to the public.

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DaveyMc 4 months ago

In my state within the nation south of Canada we can now carry sidearms without govt permission. we are going to fight like hell here.

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