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⁣“Is this the ‘White Supremacy’ that Joe Biden’s been talking about? ‘cause they all seem to have one color there

Published on 23 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣“Is this the ‘White Supremacy’ that Joe Biden’s been talking about? ‘cause they all seem to have one color there.”

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Steelmidnight 3 months ago

Most of them are NOT white. They are Jews, and a few white gullible misfits who played follow the leader to them. Thats why you dont see this crap around most white places, only those with a high Jewish population- Portland, New York, Southern California, ect. Go ANYWHERE ELSE where you dont find a bunch of Jews, and you see everyone is against this bullshit. And it should be no surprise- How many nations now have kicked Jews out for pulling the SAME BS they are pulling now? And what are the odds that all of this started in every white nation at the same time if it isnt an agenda. The Christian/Jewish war never ended. Its just one side forgot their WAS such a conflict, or let their compassion blind them. Any Christian who supports the Jewish cause is in more trouble then any sinner, for I can show, leaving NO room for doubt, that the bible identifies that "man of sin" aka the anti-Christ IS the Jew.

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 3 months ago

that part right there^^^. and the term "judaeochristianity" is a fucking slap in the face to every christian because they are too stupid to even read the damn bible where clearly the jew is the antichrist.

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Steelmidnight 3 months ago

@Peck Erwood: You said it, brother. I mean its PLAINLY STATED multiple times.....Judaism has been at war with Christianity even before they nailed SAXON Christ to the cross for exposing them. Judaism is, and always HAS been, the antithesis of Christianity!

Hell, they even openly ADMIT they wrote the Talmud as a means of "interpreting the bible". Not only is the Talmud the opposite of everything in that book, but they wouldnt NEED an "interpretation" for a book they themselves had wrote!

They are liars. And no Christian should believe anything that comes from these people Christ himself called "A race of vipers and serpents" and soulless dead mens bones!

God bless!

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Soldiergoy 3 months ago

@Steelmidnight: hey man I'm glad to see you post..I learned a lot from you and chaplain Bob.💪

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DeathToJWO 3 months ago

Once again whites get the blame for jew crimes.

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 3 months ago


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Tiger Zwei
Tiger Zwei 3 months ago

They almost all have very dark hair, black almost. No blond haired blue eyes in the lot of those marxists.

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AngloCanadian 3 months ago

Many are jewish.

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 3 months ago

hahah you noticed that too huh...

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Salty556 3 months ago

Is this andy ngo, the vietnamese trisha takanawa? Front line investigative journalist exposing antifa? Hey andy you slope, you forget that you shovel heads are being attacked by niggers! Co-opted faggot!

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theliquidatedrabbi 3 months ago

Antifa is jewish, primarily, you asianfaggot.

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Steelmidnight 3 months ago

Yep. In fact, "Antifa" was created by Jews in Europe during the Jewish controlled Weimar republic.

They go to great lengths to bury their connections to all of this, silencing and censoring those who sound the alarm on any mainstream platform. Otherwise, the majority would know there is NOTHING NEW about the Jew and their tactics. They are communists who hate everything about the western nations and white people. They especially hate Christians.

But lately, they have pushed too much, too far, too fast. I have gotten through to more people in the last few weeks just talking to them (though you have to be creative with your wording on some sites) then I have in the last 4 or 5 years. They have REALLY pissed people off with their CRT BS. And their violent apekin negro have gotten off their leashes too often as well....If enough of us work at it, we have a real chance at FINNALY opening the eyes of our blinded kinsmen. They are looking for answers, and if we dont give them the honest ones, you can be sure their controlled fake "right wing conservatives" will.

I havent given up on us yet.

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theliquidatedrabbi 3 months ago

@Steelmidnight: This is exactly what Hitler was fighting against.

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Steelmidnight 3 months ago

@theliquidatedrabbi: A more noble cause has never existed. From the years I had my eyes open, I long since realized that the only good people left, are those who stand in opposition to this virus on mankind called the Jew. They are PURE evil.

Heres an example.

Did you know, that nearly ALL serial killers are non white? And that the "Straight white serial killers" can ALL be traced to Jewish parents (at the most grandparents?)

Talk about a secret hidden in plain sight! Here is an incomplete list (I wont add anyone I am not sure about...There are about 25 more I am still trying to verify).

Every one of these men were sold to the public as "Straight white killers"....And every last one of them is a Jew.

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah
Ed Gein
Joel Rifkin
Harold Shipman
Rodney Alcala
Herb Baumeister
Harvey Glatman
David Berkowitz
John Wayne Gacy
Albert DeSalvo
Charles Cohen
Pazuzu Algarad
Jeffrey Dahmer
Peter Kudzinowski
Fred and Rosemary West
Tillie Klimek
Henry Lee Lucas
Charles Schmid
Robert Shulman
Efren Saldivar
Leopold and Loeb
Randall Woodfield
Louis Fine
George Sack
Alfred Leonard Cline
Louis Neu
Todd Kolhepp
Ralph Jerome Selz
Edward Simon Wein
Harvey Murray Glatman
Robert Zarinsky
James Koedatich
Ralph Nuss
Gloria Tannenbaum
Milton Niport
Bertram Greenberg
Joseph Kallinger
William Rothstein
Joseph Fischer
Brian Kevin Rosenfeld
Robert Durst
Steven Oken
Nathan Trupp
Charles Mark Cohen
Jeffrey Feltner
Philip Carl Jablonski
Edward Isadore Savitz
Robert Shulman
Eyal Shachar
Salomon Rosenbloom
Norman Parker
James Eric Gottfried
Andrei Chikatilo
Theodore R. Bundy
Gary Ridgeway
Gary Heidnik
Jack The Ripper-Aaron Kosminski
Martha Beck (One half of the "lonely hearts" killer pair)

Black Dalia Murderer-suspected to be a jew surgeon

I had made a video (Just music and the list) and it was taken down on Bitchute, and since then I lost the ability to upload (they just "hang" now when I try there)

Another example is this. Look up the missing persons numbers in America pre and post WW2 (after a mass exodus of Jews to the US in 1954).....Why did so many people start disappearing? 1 in 3 Jews has a blood disease called "Tay Sachs" (dead blood!). Its one of the reasons their population has never boomed through the centuries. I personally believe its because God doesnt give them the spark of life, but rather they steal it by draining the blood and plasma and tissue of other races to sustain themselves. Thats just my personal theory, as I cant prove it, BUT where-ever they have gone, "serial killer" style phenomena and missing people follow. One nurse told me she was disgusted at the fact that many hospitals save placentae (afterbirth) to use for Jewish "Tay Sachs" treatment. She said she was told they eat it.

EVERY myth has some basis in truth. Personally, I believe 100 percent that the "Vampire" myth comes from the disgusting Jew and thier weird disease. They also have a bloodlust to sate- A curse from the first of the Jew, Cain.

We need more awake and aware people like the ones on WTV.... One of the best channels I found, other then this fantastic channel, is White Power and General JD ripper. Those who are awake MUST start coordinating to get the truth out, and exposing these parasites. They are already so worried they have accellerated their agenda, and are trying to groom negro into doing their bloody work for them.

But lately, people have been opening their eyes (or at least asking questions) due to Jewish paranoia pushing too much, too far, too fast....If we ALL do what we can to reach out and shake our people awake, we may just be able to drive these parasites and their heathen hordes OUT and regain the nations they hijacked from us. It isnt that our white brothers and sisters dont care, its that they dont know! The Jew use heavy handed censorship and shills because they know this!

I will never give up on us! Stay strong, and God bless!

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