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Is ZeroHedge Reliable or Fake News?

Published on 05 Aug 2020 / In Censorship

ZeroHedge is a right wing news commentary site formerly known for articles in finance and business. Numerous ZeroHedge articles are sourced directly from mainstream accounts like CNN or ABC. Other articles however, are blatant conspiracy theories and opinion pieces. Without any way to differentiate between valid articles and idiotic ramblings, ZeroHedge is notoriously a mixed bag. However, that does not neccessarily justify censorship against them.

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UninformedConsent 1 year ago

The only thing I read on zerohedge is the financial info.

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Armed_Patriot 1 year ago

Zerohedge is now reffered to as Ziohedge , often has b.s nazi hitpieces on their and we all know where that comes from ... motherfucking jews

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utubepariah 1 year ago

2:20 So getting kicked off PayPal constitutes de facto guilt? Since when is PayPal supreme arbiter of morals?
Also: unlike your positive citations most of your negative instances are not followed by any validation check. One of the headlines is a question so it can't be true or false while another acknowledges its surreal character. And if CNN is hosting a guest making outlandish claims they are implicated in those claims if they go unquestioned.

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