Israel on brink of war (⁣Apr 21, 2022)

Published on 25 Apr 2022 / In Israel / Zionism

⁣Gaza militants fire rockets, Israel responds with strikes in biggest escalation since last war
⁣Apr 21, 2022

⁣FRANCE 24 English
Palestinian militants fired volleys of rockets from Gaza into Israel, which responded with air strikes in the early hours of Thursday in the biggest escalation since an 11-day war last year.

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When israhell falls we shall place the flag of the third Reich over the biggest buildings in jewrusalem and telaviv. We will also hang a big cross on these buildings. These symbols on their so called land which was stolen from the real Israelites (Aryans) would be worse than death and pain. We shall tattoo them with star of David’s on their head so everyone knows what kind of beast they are. We shall take all their rights away. Last but not least we will put them in the oven for real this time. We will do what they falsely accused the Fuhrer of doing since they’re so obsessed with gas chambers and furnaces. We will avenge the victims of holdomer who died because of kike commies in the USSR

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jimmyhugo 4 months ago

big if but if the semitic supremacy is not completely all in control then i would say the powers that be will turn jerusalem area into whatever world religion they are planning possible a peaceful collaboration christ muslim jew. ukraine looks to be ripe for a lot of smelly yids to pour in and take everything over as the ukrainians are fleeing to other countries or looking at their apartment buildings shelled out.

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SeekinYah 4 months ago

They've got no shortage of form for land grabs.
Mariupol will become Hapimerchantsville.

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mayonez 4 months ago


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Israel will always fight till the last American soldier is dead

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