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It's A Mans World

Published on 05 Apr 2022 / In Sports

Judas Finkelstien

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Greetings 24 days ago

Just another way we find out we have lunatics running the asylum, where are women who want equal rights for themselves. Or is it that these organizations at higher levels are not getting financial support to "storm the beaches", or really is this exactly what they wanted to happen all along (I say both). The jew just forcing more decay into Christian Families, with there favourite pastime - sodomizing. Usually younger the better, they can't to it missionary, cause these rats so ugly. The receiver even HE says...uuurrrgh I can not look at you beasts. Even the fags gotta look wonder you jews got so much moola, must cost xtra once these Johns realise, you be a jew. You Kikes can not all be like dimple jew chin kirk/michael douglas....whom married a tranny. Trannies and jews like bread and butter.

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RedLady 2 months ago

Transgenderism is the emasculator of men.

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theliquidatedrabbi 2 months ago

Its the emasculator of

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Freedom 2 months ago

Its a man's world because they literally carry all the spiritual authority. They are overall superior spiritually, mentally, and physically. The Bible states their eyes were not opened until after Adam sinned, not Eve.....................The real clueless people are the ones concerned about men invading women's sports. Who cares about women's sports at all? Women shouldn't even be involved in sports attempting to be masculine like men. Athletics is part of the feminist agenda and didn't even come about until the last few decades when the JWO started it. Men taking over women's sports just pisses off the feminist because it proves they aren't equal to men. These women should be at home helping their men and not wasting valuable time on useless sports.

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SlowBurnTM 2 months ago

Excellent comment.

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HolohoaxSurvivor 2 months ago

excellent and very true comment.
sports are for children, and very gay adults, who can't come to terms with their useless lives

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theliquidatedrabbi 2 months ago

@serpentslayer: What? Like niggers?

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