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It's Illegal in Canada to Speak the Truth About jews

Published on 13 Sep 2022 / In Jewish Question

The jews bring it on themselves, becuase they're cry baby faggots

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BasedAndAwake 2 months ago

historical fables are finished vermin and so are you

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ytrebiLeurT 3 months ago

I am everything and nothing, I am life and death but my enemies are none of that...

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ytrebiLeurT 3 months ago

Fear is a disease and mask wearers and those who have been vaccinated are infested with fear. The Jews love the fear of the people because Jews themselves are fearful and therefore they hate happy beautiful people...
"A great civilisation is not conquered from without until it has destroyed from within". W.Durant

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DTGKSonofGod 3 months ago

Those so called jews are not even remotely semitic :{ semitic = white - aryan - caucasian }: they are genetic inbreds and subhuman mongrels and bastards !!

Here is the true genetic ancestry of those so called jews and their real DNA ::

moorish :{ half subhuman ape / half sand nigger }: -
asiatic -
turkish -
himalayan mongolian ape :{ chinese }: -

SEMITIC is the evolved word called : ""SHEM - SHEMITIC""

Shem was a son of Noah and he was a White Adamic Man , not a subhuman mongrelized satanic fake ass jew !!!

Those fake ass jews have stolen the identity of the True House of Israel / Chosen Race , for these reasons :

political gain -
profit -
infiltration of every white nation / government , for the purposes of :

subverting and replacing our Mosaic Legal System of Law , with their corrupt version aka babylonian draconian talmudism aka judaism :{ which isn't a system of Law , but of Lawlessness and Crime - Subversion and Circumvention }: -

forced diversity :{ chasing down the last white person aka white genocide }: -

forced multiculturalism :{ fake ass jews and their global horde of 9 billion non white invading and weaponized subhumanity , have no such thing as a heritage - culture or history ; if they did , they would be remaining in their own 3rd world shitholes and making their countries :: ""GREAT AGAIN"" wouldn't they ???

Instead , what do we see taking place in every white nation ??

hundreds of millions of fake ass jews and their global horde of 9 billion non white subhumanity , screaming , scratching and clawing at each other , as they race toward the border of every white nation and then to the welfare offices , to redeem their lifetime winning welfare lottery ticket !!!

forced miscegenation of white females , with subhuman apes / sand niggers and wetbacks -

forced redistribution of white wealth and resources :{ welfare that is shoveled out , to all the predatious and parasitic fake ass jews and their global horde of 9 billion invading subhumanity , that every living white person has to subsidize via endless taxation !! }: -

The name of the fake ass jew game is and alway's has been :


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bannedforhatespeech 3 months ago

the holocaust is a lie and I'm glad I don't live in Canada.

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DTGKSonofGod 3 months ago

The Truth doesn't need any Laws to protect it ; but the lawlessness of the fake ass jew is used to defend against it !

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