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It's relentless. Whitey is guilty of crime, even if the optics don't match.

Published on 23 Feb 2021 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

Another example of how Whites are targeted

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Savage99 2 years ago

In America there are Asians of different races combining to protest against 'White Supremacy' and 'White Nationalism' small in number but very vocal, all avowed communists, all at a university and mostly hated and disavowed by the vast majority of Asians living in the country.
This gaggle of malcontents are 100% in support of BLM whose members are the ones who are responsible for about 99% of attacks, random or intentional for theft,upon Asians.
All one has to remember is blame Whitey.

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LeniRiefenstahl 2 years ago

bLOOdy lying bastards. R.I.P. Sir. 😢

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