I am pleased to announce Ral9010NatSoc & Victory Or Valhall as Admins here at WTV, Both are trusted friends and Fair men of Honor and Loyalty. I will be adding in some Female moderators to help out with the women here at WTV very soon. I have heard murmurs of women being harassed and stalked here at WTV and I won't have it. Also I will be announcing a new platform soon as well as some rule changes here at WTV, Danke

It Is Maam. (Extended version)

Published on 19 Jun 2022 / In Comedy
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exposethejeugenda 19 hours ago

need to clean the scum off the sides of the tank..

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Iluvhitler70 1 day ago

This “dude” needs to be locked up in a cell with a pack of horny, violent, nigger gorillas. They’d be happy to treat “him” like a ma’am.

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allourstuffiscool 7 days ago

It is a scientific fact, these people are mentally ill and have the highest suicide rate, before PC madness came in.Actual sex change regret has risen to 400% in young people.

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WhiteNight 7 days ago

what is it? oliviy newton John came out of the closet finally???

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Globophobe 7 days ago

Wonder Woma'am!

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EXTTFAJ 7 days ago

Oh Thop it Thop it Theven !!!

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