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Ivan Grozny PART 1 - Ivan The Terrible (1944) 📽️🍿

Published on 16 Nov 2022 / In Television / Movies

⁣⁣Ivan the Terrible (Russian: Ivan Groznyy) is a two-part historical epic film about Ivan IV of Russia, written and directed by the filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein. Audio in Russian with English subtitles.

The film depicts Ivan the Terrible during the early part of his reign, facing betrayal from the aristocracy and even his closest friends as he seeks to unite the Russian people.

The first film, Ivan The Terrible, Part I, was filmed between 1942 and 1944, and released at the end of that year. The second film, Ivan The Terrible, Part II: The Boyars' Plot, finished filming at Mosfilm in 1946.

The unshown film received heavy criticism from the Central Committee of the Communist Party, calling the picture "anti-historical". The film was finally released in 1958, 10 years after Eisenstein's death.

A third film, which began production in 1946, was halted when the decision was made not to release the second film. After Eisenstein's death in 1948, all footage from the film was confiscated, and it was rumored to have been destroyed (though some stills and a few brief shots still exist today). The cinematography was divided between Eduard Tisse, who shot the exteriors, and Andrei Moskvin, who filmed all interior scenes. The color sequences of Part Two were also filmed by Moskvin. The score for the films was composed by Sergei Prokofiev.

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