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Jack ruby about his assassination on lee Harvey oswald

Published on 09 Sep 2021 / In Conspiracies


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exposethejeugenda 9 days ago

excellent post!

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nonstopwarfare 9 days ago

real name rubenstein, wonder if dr jane ruby on stew peters is related

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dino 9 days ago

stew peters is misinfo. He pretends like COVID is real.

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dino 9 days ago (edited)

Ruby was a jew nightclub owner who was involved in organized crime. He knew Oswald. And since Oswald was a CIA asset, it stands to reason that Ruby was blackmailed into killing Oswald. There were probably threats against his family. So it's simple: either you die and kill Oswald, or you die and your family dies. Pick one.
One more thing: it's possible that Ruby was a key figure. In other words, with Ruby out of the way, all the loose ends would be tied up. That's probably why Ruby was forced to kill Oswald so that all the key witnesses would be dead.

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ytrebiLeurT 9 days ago

A pro pos asset, Julian Assange was also an asset of the CIA and still is...

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