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James Mason and Tom Metzger - James Mason's Personal Edit of Three Mason-Metzger Interviews (1990s)

Published on 11 Dec 2021 / In Video Vault

⁣James Mason's personal edit of his three interviews with Tom Metzger (editing help provided by the late Lycea Musgrave).

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Bobdoblin 18 days ago

Professional losers. Typical right wingers. The system loves to fail. It gives them justification for their massive illegal criminal spending bills to "fix" the problems... THEY CREATE! Then these wackos say ya fuck the system! You mean the system that exists as a public expression of our will? If it is c3iminal it is because the people are criminal. If the state becomes negligent it is because the people have become negligent. Blaming the state is easy because it is vague and nonsense. Individuals make changes. Not "the system"... there is no "the system"... only criminal individuals

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