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Jared Taylor - Race-Blind Criminal Law Is Officially Over

Published on 19 Jun 2022 / In News & Politics
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EXTTFAJ 8 days ago

The truth is : niggers aren't even remotely a species - breed , much less a race !

They :{ as well as every other non white subhumanity and their fake ass jew kingpins }: are genetically non-homogenous and cannot even be scientifically classified as anything but mongrels and bastards !!

niggers are therefore , not legally or morally entitled to any civil or human right's , much less any welfare benefits or priviliges .

niggers cannot piss and moan about their right's dun ben violated ; or white racism because they have no legal basis / argument / defense , by which to prove themselves being a ::::

species -
breed -
people -
civil -
human -
much less a Race !!

niggers are sex predatious and parasitic demonic embodied apes via nature - instinct - appearance - behavior - physiology - biology - neurology - psychology - genetics and DNA.

niggers don't belong anywhere near a white natioin , much less our white female population !!

niggers are the #1 genocidal rape weapon / war machine aka planet of the boot lipped apes , used to cull the entire earthly population of White Adamic Israelite's aka :::

Germans -
Anglo Saxons -
Celtics -
Nordic -
Scandinavians -

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