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Jason Kohne (No White Guilt) Is A Kosher Shill

Published on 13 Dec 2020 / In Cointel Pro Shills

I have seen Jason Kohne being promoted across the “pro-White” space for a few years now. I didn’t like him and didn’t trust him. I never really listened to him in-depth, given his associations, his MAGA hat, and the whole new lexicon he is always trying to promote. He just seems fake, and honestly comes off as an intelligence or law enforcement agent pretending to be a “fellow pro-White advocate.”

I did not know how aggressively he stands against so-called “jew hatred” until I saw this video uploaded to Bitchute by the unironic “Judaism is Based” channel.

In the video he details all of the reasons he does not want his listeners to ever investigate or expose the jewish supremacists who are orchestrating the program of White genocide. It cannot be denied that jews are the driving force behind everything anti-White, as they openly admit it themselves, so anyone who tells you to look the other way is working for the enemy in some way, shape or form. This is why Jason Kohne is a kosher shill, regardless of whether or not he is on any payroll.

Kohne was apparently not too happy to have Renegade readers exposed to his philo-semitic views. I can understand not being happy about being called a kosher shill, as it has happened to me countless times. There are whole sites seemingly dedicated to trying to discredit what we are doing here. The obvious difference between Kohne and I, though, is that I have dedicated my activism to not only addressing White genocide, but to exposing the criminal cabal that has been destroying our world for millennia.

How are we playing the villain by standing up for White people and exposing our enemies? Kohne is the real villain for covering up kosher culpability. He is also villainous for telling people to attack and destroy this website, seemingly through hacking or some other nefarious means. Who does that? It seems he (and possibly his masters) are not just concerned with eliminating the expose of Kohne, but also the years of hard work we have put in to exposing jewish supremacists.

Kohne tries to make it seem like only he and his crew have been effectively countering the anti-White agenda, and that Renegade is some kind of new-comer on the scene. The fact of the matter is that I have been an active voice in the alternative media since 2009 and one of the most successful promoters of the “White genocide” meme since 2012, leading the White Man March in 2014, and then exposing the genocidal lies of WWII to millions in 2015 with Hellstorm. I have many other accomplishments I could mention, but I should not need to prove myself at this point. If I was able to be up on popular social media outlets like Kosher Kohne, I would undoubtedly have far more followers.

The last thing I will mention is that Kohne apparently wants me to drive up to D.C. and meet him for a “conversation.” I would honestly rather not, considering all of the important things I have to do on a daily basis. Kohne is really not that important to me. However, I will meet him for a live video debate. If anyone wants to make that happen, I am more than game. I have not done one in a while, but this topic is very easy for me. Also, if Kohne is implying he would like to fight me, I can guarantee his combatives training (I have to assume he has had some in his professional experience) would be sorely insufficient with me. I just must request a ruleset (MMA, submission grappling, kickboxing, etc) and a signed waiver, as I do not want to be arrested and sued for beating this guy into a pulp. Oh, and it would need to be filmed so that you could all watch it too.

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Vigr 3 months ago

As a white nationalist an Aryan warrior and a member of the American Nazi party I absolutely agree with this guys method. Goyimgoddess I have followed your exposure for awhile and what you do for our people is powerful but we need to change our methodology. Our youths today are not open to the old way of message. The old way is still good for the older generation just not for the new and youths. Also I encourage you to read David lane on who is white. Steelmidnight, pump your breaks, this guy is doing an awesome job for our people.

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Steelmidnight 4 months ago

Yeah, this SOB is a liar (and for the record, so is Adam Greene. HE was a data collector for the Israeli Defense Force and worked in communications for them- Its a matter of public record in fact...Adam Greenes job is to do three things-

1) Anger to incite lone acts of violence if possible, so the Jew can add it to their ADL list while demonizing us in the media for it....

2) Spread disinformation. That way, when his "predictions" dont come true, some will question if its all just conspiracy theory, and wonder "Are the Jew really as bad as I thought"...One example was when he said they were going to enact Noahide Law in 2018. He said the Jew were going to announce their rulership of the world, and arrest and behead anyone that even looked at Jews sideways, and that they would gather everyones firearms....When it didnt happen, he told his audience that Trump had pulled miracles and saved the day ...News flash- Trump is ALSO in bed with the Jew).

3) To demonize Christ and Christianity, and convince white people that the bible is a Jewish book about a Jewish Christ...THIS Is a lie pushed by ALL Jewish shills....Stormfront, GoyimRevolution, Jordan Peterson, Know More News, Alex Jones, Bill Cooper, and every other Jew shill, and I will explain why...

THEIR book is the Babylonian Talmud. OURS is the Torah. Period. Christ called Jew a race of vipers and serpents who were of a different father (Bloodline) them him. Christ and Israel ARE DESCRIBED In the bible as WHITE. When Jew seized Russia in the Bolshevik revolution, the FIRST THING they did, was ban the holy bible as anti-semetic! Why? Because that book-

1) Forbids homosexuality and pedophelia as sins punishable by death.

2) Forbids open borders

3) Forbids race mixing

4) Forbids the white race from engaging in multiculturalism (yes that is in there as well!)

Pretty much the OPPOSITE of everything Jews do....Nor have Jews EVER based any laws on Bible laws...Their Talmud borrorws from the Torah, but Christians borrow nothing from the talmud. and think....DO you guys think for ONE SECOND our forefathers would have tossed Jew out on their asses in over 144 nations, if they thought for a second that Christ was a Jew, or their most revered book was Jewish> I think not...

How can people KNOW the Jew are constant liars, but when it comes to the bible, they make an exception and believe them? WTH? And remember, it was JEW who had prayer removed from our courts and schools as "offensive"..EVEN NOW they have agents crawling sites like THIS one attacking ehem "Fellow white Christiians"...REAL whites dont do this, because they know we have ENOUGH enemies...

JUDEA Christianity is indeed a LIE, because Judaism is the ANTITHESIS of Christianity! The Jew are the seed of the serpent! The mortal enemy of you, the CHILDREN OF LIGHT! And NO, we are not supposed to tolerate Jew, or degenerates, or niggers...We are supposed to drive them out! The Crusades? THAT was true Christianty!
This asshat "No white Guilt teaches this crap as well....He is a LIAR.

Why would Jew spend so much on algorithm's and censorship, if exposing the Jew did no good? Why all the divisive agents if we are not a unity to be feared?

THEY FEAR a revival of true Christianity....NOT because they believe in God (they dont) but because when WE believe in God, its a faith that holds us together, strengthens us, and makes us much more then we could ever be alone....They know if a Christian revival of true faith, going by what that book says rather then what politically correct people want to here, they would get their time cards punched out once and for all....

If even 25 percent of our people RETURNED to a united Christian brotherhood, they KNOW there would be a bloody crusade to drive every JEW and their Niggers and heathen hordes OUT of our nations or into the ground!

They live in CONSTANT fear of this! KNOWING THAT will make their lies and tactics come clear for you all!

It HAS worked in the past....MANY TIMES! Including the last camp of the Saints, Adolf Hitler. And yes, Hitler was a Christian at the end....

Here is a Jewish communist page where they show proof that Hitler was a Christian, in order to blame the white Christian race (Because Christian is an ETHNO RELIGIOUS term for the white race- It means "sons of the living God!) for their fake Holocaust story that never happened!

And here is a Christian site, which also shows irrefutable proof, that Hitler was a Christian!

HITLER followed the Bibles teachings that the Jew were the dangerous Anti-Christ, and they must be deported and kept out of white nations! He underestimated their control of the press in America and made the mistake of thinking it was "Some Jew" when in fact, that is a mistake many made....The reality is, ALL JEW ARE ANTI CHRist1 The bible teaches this, and that is why they corrupted our church, then spread the lie that it was Jewish so you all would SHUN it!

They are NOT "Omnipotent". That is this Jews arrogance slipping through....No, they CAN be defeated and driven out...By unity and brotherhood and a bond between us that is unbreakable! GOD is that bond....And under him, as a unified brotherhood, who would DARE stand against us as enemies!

Want to win this war? Do what the Jew DONT want you to do! Christian unity is the key, just as iit conquered the heathen world, built great civilizations, crushed Atilla the Hun when all other nations feared him, drove out the muslims from Europe....ALL THE WORLD called the white race "Christendom" and the white race were the only Christians....

2 Chronicle's 7:14
If MY PEOPLE...Those who are CALLED BY MY NAME, shall humble themselves and pray, turn from wickedness and seek my face, I will hear them from heaven, and I WILL come heal their land!

Only ONE people were called by the name of God by the whole world for nearly 2000 years, until Zionists infiltrated our churches and spread the multicultural lie (you cant be Christian unless you came from Adam and ONLY the white race groups are Adam-Kind) Acts 11:26 confirms this!

"EDOM IS MODERN JEWRY." The Jewish Ency. 1925 Ed., Vol. 5, Pg. 41. (Edom, also called "Idumea" is the ancient enemy of Gods children of light in the bible).

"Christ is our King, and Christianity is our race which you knew once as Israel"- Justin Martyr, 100-160 AD, from Paragraphs of Trypho chapter 135.

We have tried EVERYTHING except coming together as a family under God and unifying against our enemies...At this point, what do we have to lose?

And no white guilt is a COWARD! I accepted his challenge to debate "like a man face to face" and he BLOCKED me....Tell him to debate Steelmidnight but I will be bringing a witness and getting my own copy of the debate and he RUNS! They FEAR Christian truth and unity! THAT is our key to winning this war! At this point, what do we have to lose? Look around, a revival IS happening....They call it "Christian identity" to label us as a hate group, when in truth, its just OLDSCHOOL BY THE BOOK Christian faith! This coward and the rest of the Jew will never DARE debate us face to face! I have tried and they run like cowards!

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NewWorldEbola 5 months ago

jason's "solution" to save the west is for everyone to buy his book. And that's it. Another gatekeeper and action discourager.

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hoplitefrog 5 months ago

Since jewies are white, they can easily blend in, and correct any pro-white movement, be suspicious of any white movement!

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Iverology_Phd 2 months ago

No movements can exist now. Only vigilantes.

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ElijahVale 6 months ago

What ever happened to telling the truth about what you see and then letting a conclusion form naturally?

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