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Jason Kuhne....t - aka No White Guilt - Tough Man to Raucous emojis

Published on 08 Dec 2021 / In Cointel Pro Shills


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8thWonders 26 days ago

Very revealing, thank you.

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A_Sword_of_Truth 1 month ago

One of my best YT "friends" from way back Objective Realist, fell for this guys BULLSHIT. Makes me sad.

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TheDemonKing 1 month ago

This is what happens when you allow your enemy's god to conquer the hearts and minds of your own people
Before you know it,There's literal JEWS controlling all the Pro white movements and trying to convert our strong willed white men to worship at the feet of their god
Can't you all see that you cannot defeat the enemy as long as you remain at the feet of their master?
You have to get up off your knees stop praying for the ENEMY to bless you with victory because news flash that's retarded.
Get up off your knees,renounce god and fight against middle eastern Jewish culture,which is called christianity, and let's make a world where we can truly re-establish ACTUAL REAL white culture and values
Lets restore Patriarchy and kill god and save our people AND everything that made us great in the first place. Don't let Christianity continue to destroy everything that made us great don't give in to their shaming language and moral grandstanding they are evil manipulative pieces of shit. Never bow down before the god of your enemy

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Konrad 1 month ago

His side profile is even worse than the front. This asshole reeks of jew, look at the rat ears and neanderthal head shape.
kuhne aka kohen is just another jew trying to pass itself off for a white man. This is what happens when formerly pure, white tribes allow multi-kult to invade. The jew easily hides amongst the mulatto which is why we need to return to our tribal roots and eradicate these lying, filthy vermin.

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DeathToJWO 1 month ago

I would love to run into this kike on the streets... If anyone deserves a curb stomping it's him.

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