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Jason Lowery & IA: Can Bitcoin Bring Peace? Asset Protection, Great Reset, Mars + more

Published on 22 Mar 2022 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex

A mix of lies and truth. Take it for what you will.Titanic, democracy, space force? You decide.
0:00 Intro to Jason Lowery - Deputy Chief of the Commander's Action Group for USSF Space Operations Command (SpOC) and USSPACECOM Combined Force Space Component Command (CFSCC). 3:00 How you fell into Bitcoin5:50 What do you see as the biggest threat to Bitcoin?9:12 With the dollar losing its status as the world's reserve currency, would it be strategically advantageous for the U.S. to promote BTC use for international trade?13:35 Tipping point of Debt and the Great Reset - can treasury buy bitcoin from money printed18:01 How can Bitcoin be weaponized in war and are there ways to combat it without destroying the technology? How can Bitcoin be used as a strategic defense network when the price has been so easily manipulated?24:43 US homogeny is declining as historic foreign powers find their footing again. Was a single global reserve currency an unnatural phenomenon?28:30 Do politicians get Bitcoin? Texas a future superpower?32:00 Do you think if I put you in front of the US Senate could you convince them around embracing the Bitcoin Standard?34:50 If Russia or any other US adversary were to openly admit to very, very large holdings of BTC, could its value become tarnished in the geopolitical chess game?36:45 China Ban Theory? 39:20 Putin and Mining 39:45 How does a government embrace bitcoin without triggering a run on their currency? What is the best way for one to prepare for the day Fiat is declared dead or when the great reset occurs?43:20 From a national security perspective, what is the relative importance for the citizens of the US to hold BITCOIN, the government to hold BITCOIN, private institutions etc?44:50 Why would a sovereign state embrace bitcoin - is it like shooting themselves in the foot?47:30 Henry Ford, Control, Energy Monetization and Bitcoin49:30 PetroBitcoin vs PetroDollar vs seizing Russian reserves and to some extent Iranian reserves, or a move by China to pay for oil in Yuan undermine the US dollar system?53:00 - Is your Charter to help US Citizens - What can retail investors in the U.S. do to help the U.S. and its citizens succeed at becoming the leader in crypto development?55:50 The US Leaders are getting nervous about Bitcoin - why?56:40 Why did the Titanic Sink? The cynic inside me asks: why would nations actually want to adopt BTC? They wouldn't be able to print more money, thus no more gaining power through conquests.1:01:00 Ubiquity of information - With the recent Starlink events in Ukraine and effectiveness of ubiquitous information, How do we protect private and government satellites and technology in space?1:05:35 Is U.S. Space Force protecting these assets in the sky? Space Command to wage war in space. Delta 9 defend assets in orbit from orbit. 1:06:45 U.S. Space Force has been in the works for decades correct? 1:09:00 What is your take on CBDC's from happening and instead persuade governments to use Bitcoin? 1:13:00 Do you think BTC is established enough in Wall St and Miners that it can no longer be quashed?1:15:50 there is only 1 pristine asset and I assume you do not follow any other cryptos? I am a POW Maxi 1:16:30 How has your chain of command reacted to your thesis on BTC as a defensive measure. Can your colleagues wrap their mind around the concept? 1:19:30 Do you talk to other military cohorts outside the US?1:21:00 How do you see the next decade playing out for Bitcoin?1:23:00 Adversarial Thinking for Bitcoin1:24:10 Can an EMP take out the Bitcoin Network? Project Starfish1:25:20 FUN Q: How many Bitcoin will be required for Mars citizenship in the future?1:26:40 A World of "Haves" and "Have-Nots" with Bitcoin

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aLIFEofLIES 1 year ago

Three things the jew knows are the will of lucifer, money and the white mind. The jew knows we see the federal reserve for what it is so they are covering all bases. Just a suspicion the jew is at the top of bitcoin. Control even your opposition and you can't lose.

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TheWorldBelongsToUs 1 year ago (edited)

(s)He said that the strategy is to make us lay down our arms... So far, with bitcoin, we appear to be doing just that. We are our own worst enemy. Look at what happened in both Great Britain, Australia and Canada with guns. I share your concerns. I also have little doubt this (man) is controlled opposition.

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