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Jesse Owens welcomed by Germans, snubbed by FDR

Published on 22 Sep 2020 / In Censorship

"The German crowd cheered wildly for Owens as he won 4 Gold Medals as both a sprinter and long jumper. But the Zionist media used Owens to vilify Hitler. It was reported then, and repeated endlessly ever since, that Hitler "snubbed" Owens because he was Black, storming out of the stadium in a fit of rage when Owens won his first race. This "snub" made Hitler seem petty and rude in the eyes of the world. But the story of Hitler's “snub” of Owens is, like everything else we have been told about Hitler, a big lie.

Owens himself confirmed that the “snub” story is a false, stating, “When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour (Hitler) in Germany. Years later, in his autobiography, Owens again clarified, "Hitler didn’t snub me -it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send me a telegram."

'The predominating opinion in post-war Germany was that Hitler had ignored O

Under the reign of liberal icon Lyndon Baines Johnson, the liberals and their beloved I.R.S. spit in Owens' face for a second time in 1966. Owens was convicted over taxes owed from the late 1950's. So you see, Owens's was right when he wrote:

"Hitler didn't snub me. -- It was FDR who snubbed me." ---- as did LBJ."

The Truth About FDR and Jesse Owens -

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thor1964 2 months ago

cannot play !!!!!

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NewWorldEbola 4 months ago

welcoming a nigger is nothing to be proud of.
i see this as Hitler's most cringe moment.
fuck all niggers.

did you see the latest video of the black cunt in jewmerica that kidnapped and butchered a 4 year old white boy from his bedroom at 5am? it's already as bad as south africa.

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frogsgottalent 10 months ago

For me in the UK, the video has been corrupted so only the first two seconds play.

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Fabi Vel el Ser Integral

Proof how Nazis were not the fountain of discrimation as TV says. Beautiful video.

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ManofSteel 10 months ago

Indeed. The Nazis were an exceptional people.

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Lego 1 year ago

What Dennis Wise forgot to add in here, was that Hitler did actually congratulate Jesse Owens, personally face to face.

If you watch the interviews of British and French journalists (in their 90's when this interview happened a few decades ago), they were all shocked that Hitler shook hands with Jesse Owens and wished him well. On top of that, many German civilians also congratulated him with autographs and hand shakes.

There you go! Its so laughable that fanatical White Nationalists treated a negro so kindly.

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Sankyu 1 year ago

Leftists and Zionists are "racist" They just fo their normal trick of trying to put their beliefs onto others while claiming they love everyone.

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Lego 1 year ago

@Sankyu: Jews are hypocrites, liars, thieves and subverters. Hitler understood racial differences, but he made exceptions to individuals here and there.

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