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Brother Hebert
Published on 03 Apr 2021 / In Bible / Sermons

The 'churches' and the world Assume Jesus is a Jew. Almost everyone Supposes Jesus is a Jew because it says so in the Bible. Presumptions can be very dangerous.
Will you 'just believe' whatever your 'church' teaches you? Or will you examine the evidence?
In this study, we will start with what the 'churches' teach about Jesus.
We will trace genealogy from Adam to Jesus.
We will cover the definitions and descriptions of Adam.
We will examine if Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, if Jesus taught Judaism, and much more. Even the missing years of Christ between the ages of 12-30.
We will look at portraits, eyewitness accounts, and historical records of Jesus' appearance.
We will look at the differences between Judaism and Christianity.
We will examine the word 'Jew' in the Bible.

Follow along:
This is a 7-part series.

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Intercessor2028 Tribe of Simeon

Jews are not Judahites. Jesus Christ is an Anglo-Saxon indeed.

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Intercessor2028 Tribe of Simeon

Brother Hebert, block the wolves hiding among the sheep in here.

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6 months ago

I recommend following along with the notes on as Brother Hebert suggests.

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666BlackSun666 6 months ago

You've been bamboozeld into worshiping a jew. The worst thing you could actually possibly do. Christcucks couldnt be farther from the truth...

"Luke 2: 21 And when eight days were accomplished for the circumcising of the child, his name was called JESUS, which was so named of the angel before he was conceived in the womb"

Jesus was circumcised on the 8th day according to jewish law. This is undeniable...

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Brother Hebert
Brother Hebert 6 months ago

Looks like you didn't listen to the show. Looks like you drank the kool-aid that the Jews are Israel. Looks like you believe the bible is a Jewish book and circumcision is a Jewish Law. Oh well, guess I can't reach everybody with the truth, especially if they write comments based on their ignorance and before they even listen to the show.

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Lawi 6 months ago

In Romans 9, Paul is asking the people to repent and follow the Gospel, not the Edomites. The Edomites (Jews) can never repent and be healed for they are the children of the dEVIL. These so called Jews originated from CAIN (Kenites), then through race-mixing with Canaan (Canaanites), which brings us to Esau (Edomites) who also race-mixed. (Jeremiah 2, 24, and Ezekiel 16).

The Israelite's found their Egyptian captivity, unbreakable up until the time of their Exodus; likewise the Edomites (Jews) 'having complete dominion' shall seem unbreakable up till the time of their final destruction, for we are in the “time of Jacob's trouble”, as described by the prophecy of Isaac in Genesis 27:40, "...and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion...” The Edomites are world Jewry, who found emancipation at the beginning of the 19th century, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaac. Prepare yourselves for the coming of Yahweh God who will destroy them, forever.

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LukeMM38 6 months ago

Jesus was surrounded by imposters.

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6 months ago

still is

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