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Jet fuel hoax?

Published on 05 Nov 2021 / In Hoaxes / False Flags


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AppalachianAmerican 24 days ago

Waiting on the refutations & rebuttal...

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DeathToJWO 24 days ago

This dude is wrong about so many things it's not even funny... First the wings are not the only tanks it has tank in the belly and rear wings to distribute the weight, and they have these thing called baffles in them that limit the sloshing around... The fuel lines are nothing like fire hose's, lol the comparison is retarded... they a much bigger and flow more like dumping water out of a bucket, and notice they use two 10" hoses per tank they can pump 1000 gal a minute... it takes them less than two hours to fill it. the aircraft can carry 617 tons so I don't get what his point about the fuel weight even was, but saying it's all in the main wings is a straight up lie. And it would take only 8 truck loads of fuel to fill it, not "16"... Dude clearly didn't bother to read the spec book he referenced... lol It's not even worth getting into the rest of his idiocy... I would love to see his "levitating plan" video though... lol

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 24 days ago

good one

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