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Jew ⁣Animal Sacrifice

Published on 25 Apr 2022 / In Jewish Genocides

Jew ⁣Animal Sacrifice

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happyapple4 9 months ago

Orthodox Jews are nuts!

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TheEveryman777 9 months ago

When OCCULTIST do anything simular it's the end of the world. Smh

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UncleSemantic 9 months ago

kikes, the sand niggers and the nigger-niggers should suffer far more gruesome agonizing deaths by skinning, burning, and boiling as these poor animals have suffered at the hands of these fucking MONSTERS. One sewer rat infected rabies is worth more than billions of these subhuman garbage. I fucking hate them and hope they all go insane from slow agonizing torture and die choking on their own contaminated jew-blood burst from screaming throats. A Hellstorm Holocaust per kike, per nigger, per chink, per hajji on their disgusting impure heads. May murderworms and a sea of cartilage be your mass grave.

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Erika 9 months ago

That was extremely poetic and heart felt, and I couldn’t agree more your sentiments.

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SeekinYah 9 months ago

Their destiny is already recorded, and they know it.
It's the only rationale as to why they are such freaks and do such bizarre shit.
Kikeitis - what a terrible affliction to be born with, live your entire life with, only to be condemned to a firey pit.

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