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Jew Busted For Fake Hate Crime In Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Published on 29 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Jew Busted For Fake Hate Crime In Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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CometoOdysee 22 days ago

They were "shocked" because they all knew it was going to happen, It was just done on the wrong day.

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110thtime 2 months ago

Charged with mischief? Not a hate crime with a long prison sentence and huge fine? Remember the judge and the prosecutor. Both must be skinned when we birth the 110th..

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b0geyman 2 months ago

The jew cries "anti-semitism" as he strikes himself.

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TheEvilWhite 3 months ago

Bat vee deednt doo eet! Ja yoo deed, yoo deed, yoo deed, you Schmutzig Juden!

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HereAmI 3 months ago

He may have done it - they may have done it, but in their minds they didn't do it, so that's good enough for me, and anybody who says it isn't is a jew hater and trying to create a new holocaust.
Six million jews cry out against white racist supremacy.

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