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Jew ⁣Naftali Bennett on Wiki - "we want to make sure it's balanced and zionist in nature"

Published on 05 Oct 2021 / In Israel / Zionism

..Lying is so natural to these subhumans that they believe they are telling the truth in their mind

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NaTiVeNoMaD 4 days ago

Miriam schwab,is she Claus schwab's daughter?

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pater409 13 days ago

Fuck JEWipedia. Nobody takes JEWipedia seriously; everyone knows it sucks cock, distorting history and disseminating lies. Fuck the pathologically lying, manipulating, hook-nosed JEW COWARD and fuck and death to the JEW World Order.

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whitepride73 16 days ago

This yidiot is explaining not only what they do to Wikipedia but also everywhere else in the world all over the world, these sub humans are a born criminal race with a permanent Victim status card. If only Germany won, there would be no Zionism (thank goodness) and the world would be free and the people better off. Fuck this shit.

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Soldier1 17 days ago

Zionists are not balanced. They're sick, dead, vile, and doomed.

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