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Jew owned CNN fires Negro commentator over 6 words

Published on 14 May 2022 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

⁣CNN commentator fired after 'free Palestine' speech at UN
⁣“From the River to the Sea Palestine You will be Free”

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UncleSemantic 1 year ago

This marc lamont hill is an anti-white piece of shit like the rest of them. When have you ever seen palestinians marching in sympathy for White Europeans who’re being killed by the very same kikes blowing them up? NEVER. We’re supposed to support and march for them while they spit in our face who, along with every other breed of sand nigger, rape our women and kill our people. This ain’t a one-way street Mo, where you demand tears from whites and we get crime sprees from you. Fuck them and israel both.

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Erika 1 year ago

Still have to respect him for saying something like this, he probably knew he could’ve been fired for saying that

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UncleSemantic 1 year ago

Never. This cunt hates whites terrorized by jews but he supports arabs who wouldn’t think twice of enslaving and castrating him which brown muds did for 1,000 years.

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AryanRooster 1 year ago

Oh, sure this Nigger can be a pro-Palestine if he should've learned that the same Jews enslaved the niggers from africa and brought them there in americas as slaves for sale.

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