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Jewish Clown reacts to White Kid beating up NIGGER

Published on 05 Nov 2021 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

nasty ass KIKE

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Zenith26 8 months ago

Because he cares about Black folk.

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Calvin_Branson 8 months ago

Black kids doing charitable things for white kids is almost non-existent, but because it happened once, the jewmedia will treat this is as a common occurrence. Meanwhile, each day, millions of white children are bullied by blacks in school with the media saying nothing about it. Shove your hypocrisy up your ass, you fucking worthless kike.

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Calvin_Branson 8 months ago

I would reward the white kid as a way of encouraging him to keep standing up for himself.

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Ed Cassidy
Ed Cassidy 9 months ago

Zionist prick never talks about blacks beating whites new assaults would be broadcast hundreds of times per day.

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TruthSeeker16 2 months ago

It does boggle your mind doesn't it. The way we are supposedly in a majority white country and yet the media acts as though we are a tiny minority. We must take back control from the jews.

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NewWorldCircus 10 months ago

For this one white on black viol nice story, there is 20 more black on white violence cases.

NIGGERS are murdering white people.

Remember that dumb NIGGER from Wisconsin that killed those two 15 yr old girls on Facebook live???

The mainstream doesn't want to talk about that.

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