jewish ritual murder

Published on 20 Nov 2022 / In Judaism / Talmud
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chopchip2023 9 days ago

Carl Eugene Watts, AKA The Sunday Morning Slasher, is suspected of killing more than 100 women from 1974 to 1982. He typically killed white women, whom he had kidnapped and tortured prior to their deaths. He was arrested when caught breaking into the Houston home of two young women in 1982.

Watts died of cancer while serving time for his crimes in 2007. He is considered a suspect in 90 unsolved murder cases.

Chester Turner
Chester Turner is one of the men suspected of killing more than 100 women in South Central Los Angeles. Turner was convicted of more than a dozen Southside Slayer murders, which happened between 1987 and 1998. He was imprisoned on rape charges when his DNA was connected to many of the LA killings. Turner has been sentenced to die, many times over. He is currently on death row.

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mikaowx3 9 days ago (edited)

The key to understand this is the duality in their teachings. The secret teachings reveal that they have twin messiahs, twin serpents, leviathans two adams, two primordial mothers, one being eve for them and the other evil one Lilith for us etc. Of course one is referring to them and the other in the secret interpretations is referring to non jews. The bad side, the evil side is always the non jew. The holy side, the good side is the jew. Adam Cadmon and Adam Belial. Also the angelic beings said to have been working for one or the other side MichaEL (the protecting angel of the jews his name meaning: none is like EL) and SamaEL (the blindeness or wrath of god for angel of the gentiles).
What I am getting at is that Abraham was a hebrew according to their myth of origin; and he practiced sacrifices just like the other canaanites did in those days. The difference is that at some point the jews turned and prohibited sacrificing their OWN: There are verses to back this up. YHWH says; "do not sacrifice YOUR children to moloch". referring to the israelites not the gentiles. Since they view us as cattle and useful idiots they are using gentiles to fight wars for them while sparing their OWN from annihilation. They view themselves as holy seeds precious above all nations. This is also twice beneficial; first their bankers and corporation owner beneficiaries earn a lot by making wars, secondly they shape international affairs, geopilitics as they whish.
So they interpret this as sacrificing others is still a blood ritual and it is not forbidden to sacrifice others to appease their hunger for power (their canaanitetish, blood thirsty, jealous tribal god EL) who BTW says he is the only god therefore aspires to rule the earth. He doesn't want to remain a tribal god. He wants power over the earth. (of course he is the personification of jewish aspirations).
In the old conspiracy when YHWH revealed himself to Moses we read: "I am the same god who was with Abraham but I was not known by the same name to them" (the exact wording escapes me ATM) So basically YHWH says to Moses he is EL the high god of the canaanites who now has another name the way Jacob changed his name to IsraEL and the way israelite often change their names to conceal who they are.

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