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Jewish Sex Magic Rituals, Blood Sacrifice, Sodomizing Prostitutes

Published on 13 May 2022 / In Judaism / Talmud

⁣Jewish Sex Magic Rituals, Blood Sacrifice, Sodomizing Prostitutes

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ytrebiLeurT 1 month ago

This is all due to the mutilation of the penis of an eight-day-old baby. The whole of Judaism can only exist because of this mutilation, if you take away this barbarism from the Jews, there is not much left of their supposed "magic". The mutilation massively changes the growing brain and consistently drives it into spheres of symbolism, Talmud and Torah, and short stature, Jews are smaller than other people. So not only are Jews mentally insane, but their insanity is hardwired into their brains, a very dangerous combination...

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Schmetterling 5 months ago

I was raised half ass Catholic. The rituals of communion has always been suspect to me. And yes the yarmekels are too. Wore them in choir. The rituals are similar in all the different doctrines. Now the Catholics from what I understand per a friend they believe it’s actually the flesh and blood of Christ. A sacrifice. Was this implemented after the council of Nicea? Jews were there;)

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MorgellonsLive 2 months ago

They lined a whole primary school of us up then made us kiss Pels big red ruby ring , I still recall that ring with horror . I kept thinking I did not want to catch a coldsore or knell and kiss the ring .
Now my thinking is , he was there shopping for children .

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Raymo1 5 months ago

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