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Jewish subversion in China

Published on 19 Sep 2022 / In Jewish Question

Jews have been setting up shop in china

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Any country that went communist has a Jewish problem. They killed all the nationalist chinks and forced theyre soviet hooknosed regime on the chinks and gooks of china, Vietnam, laos, Cambodia, and north korea

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Dragon Fox
Dragon Fox 2 months ago

Obama's half Jewish brother who lives in China has always been a red flag for me. I'm not sure what role he is playing but I sense something wrong.

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TheWorldBelongsToUs 2 months ago

The jews have been in China for about 3000 years.

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jimmyhugo 2 months ago

china imo will benefit from the supremacy for a long time and i don't see any negative consequences of the supremacy for centuries. in the meantime imo the supremacy will profit off of a western police state surveillance etc. the supremacy already has had the intel processor for most computers which gives access to any westerner''s personal computer use to any supremacist who wishes access. and i'm sure america is selling itself and all its technology to the supremacy so that they can form companies and sell this technology back to the goy (digital smart cities, water supply, and so on)

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