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Jewish Terrorist behind Black Lives Matter

Published on 08 Oct 2021 / In Jewish Question

...⁣The jewish Terrorist behind Black Lives Matter

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frogsgottalent 12 months ago

TheJewsAmazon openly sells terrorist ' how to ' books like ' TheANTIFA Handbook ' and ' Guerrilla Warfare ' by Ernesto "Che" Guevara and others. For those not already conversant on the topic, they make interesting reading, as the mechanics of fighting a larger, more established opponent, doesn't wholly rely on their claimed ideals. It's ironic that these " liberals "think that they are fighting " the system ", when in reality, they ARE the system.

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AryanRooster 12 months ago

Meet the Pig who created the Monkey mafia death cult.

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TeeTee 12 months ago

Serial killer, rapist and pedophile Bill Clinton released that satanic Rosenberg witch on the last day of his 2nd term. Shows you exactly whose side he's on and has been a Commie like his Jezebel wife all his life. Rapist Cuomo has released more of those filthy animals including one just before he was punted. How I long for Judgement Day!

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drumbum 12 months ago

lets not forget trump and pollard.

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ChrisCracc 12 months ago

White People have been living under the boot of the jew for over 2000 YEARS!!!!!!

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Techno Viking
Techno Viking 12 months ago

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