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Jewish Ukrainian History In Maps

Published on 27 Feb 2022 / In Israel / Zionism

⁣(((Henry Abranson))) recorded this video after Vladimir Putin delivered his February 21 speech denying the historical validity of Ukraine, a clear pretext to the invasion that began a few hours ago. This brief video provides a survey of the long Jewish presence in the region, framed in the context of maps: political, ethnolinguistic, military and social. **** You will notice The Jew was largely an innocent bystander through out his lecture ****

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Boyan_Magesnik 7 months ago

A lot of lies.
The Khazars came from the Western Turkic Khaganate and fought Old, Great Bulgaria in Ukraine. After they managed to dissolve Magna Bulgaria, their empire fell not long after, while the Bulgarians (Bolg-Aryans meaning Big Aryans) moved to the Balkans (Bal Khans) and established the First Bulgarian Empire there. Some Bolg Aryans remained on the Bolga river (Volga) in Russia and established Volga Bulgaria, while others moved to the Frankish Empire and Italy as well, influencing the culture there and leaving cities like Bolgare.
The Khazars thus dislike the Aryans (especially the Bolg Aryans), since they were the stone, that destroyed their Medieval dream of European hegemony.
Nowadays, the history will repeat,even if the Balkans Bolg Arya is very small in population and strength, the people still carry the Aryan blood in themselves and will help the Slavic-Germanic people in their fight against Zionism and Judeism.
It was prophesied long ago.
Boyan the Mage.

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