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Jewish Woman Opens Up About How The Jewish Community Blackballs non-Jews Thereby Controlling Society

Published on 19 Nov 2022 / In Jewish Question

Jewish woman opens up about Kayne West.

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AryanRooster 1 month ago

Pay no attention to the monkey with glasses behind the chameleon witch.

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20 years of training for the Inquisition. Yeah got it kike!
All Jews are Babylonian cultists. It is that simple.

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pater409 2 months ago

To "cancel" him? What the fuck does that mean? Fuck the smug, arrogant, weak, sissy, little boy-buggering JEW faggots and KIKE cowards. They influence nobody and nothing; they're a pathetic fucking joke.

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The 'lottery' is a unifying factor. Jews don't care whether cancel works or not.
Did you know they have a regular Synagogue investigator who goes through all their mobile phones to make sure the children and teens AND adults are kosher (acceptable)? They ALL do this ritualistically.
You misunderstand the Jew motive and yes it works. Do you complain about taxes? The Jew is the PRIMARY influence upon how much of your pay packet goes in taxes. How's that for influence. Just because the rat doesn't live with you, doesn't mean the fleas aren't giving you the Bubonic Plague.

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R1Nation 2 months ago

I notice they have to be trained and reach the right decision I think we all know what happens when they don't reach the right decision

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NewWorldCircus 3 months ago

That nigger needs to stop with his mime act.

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