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Jews and Niggers (And Women Too) Aren't Human (Studies in Anti-Jewology)

Published on 18 Sep 2022 / In Jewish Question

⁣End of Days 908

The Glorious Logs of the Prophet Salamandren (peace be upon him)

Season Four, Episode Eighty-Nine

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frogsgottalent 3 months ago

One week to the end of theJews SHEMITTAHyear ( 7thSeptember2021 - 25th September 2022) usually culminating in a ' party trick ' to top off yet another jubilee year with extra predation upon their openly stated ' enemies '....eg: theirCV19 sterilization, extermination program and Ukraine for lsrahell 2.0.....

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san_nicola 3 months ago

Beware of Brandon Martinez, the so called truther and freedom fighter.
Besides that, great video.

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