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Jews Are White When It's Convenient

Captain Ron
Published on 20 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized


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Earl Turner
Earl Turner 1 month ago

i love this documentary !!!!!!!

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Contrary to all men! Workers of iniquity!

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DARRYL DUNCAN 1 month ago (edited)

It isn't so difficult to understand how some Jews attained White skin when you know the History thats been suppressed. All Jews are merely a group of people and not a race. All Jews have Arabic progenitors. Now to look back at these nations where the first Jews were born you see their mothers were slaves, abducted from various nations. They are a mixture of Asiatic and Mongolian in large part due to having been among them for so long but lets look at all the White females the Jews were abducting. During the entire nearly 400 years that Jews were keeping black slaves in America they were working with Arabic pirates abducting Whites for sales into slavery. Slavery is the oldest occupation for Jews. They are all one group of people having various skin colors, hair textures, eye color but having the same progenitors. No Jew can say they came from the White race because our ancestors didn't father any of them. Another lie that Jews will tell you is that they are a religious group and they never were. All Jews work as mercenaries and this teaching is the basic training they teach to all of their children. Since the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 the police have been confiscating all evidences that Jews don't want known.

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Paulsmithatkins 1 month ago

Some jews want to be Negroids so they can jump and put a ball in a hoop. Heard one say it.

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