I am Gravely Disappointed, Once again someone made me unleash my Dogs Of War, If you upload movies and fail to see if it is under DMCA Dominion and I get a complaint from Jews that run Hollywood...You get deleted Forthwith, Danke.

jews attempt to brainwash liberals

Published on 12 May 2022 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

⁣University of Minnesota Sponsors UnFair Ad Campaign Against White Privilege

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Schmetterling 5 days ago

No, Whites live in their society they built for Whites, with our laws, culture, governments, educational institutions based on meritocracy and inventions thanks to the freedom of our society to create marvelous useful things which we share with the World. Unfortunately those brought into our countries against our will by malevolent Jews and nihilistic, unbalanced altruist White liberals want to turn against our culture. It is time for them to go back to their home countries to improve their nations and NOT tell us how to run ours.

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tlove1488 5 days ago

Or time for us to take matters into our own hands and defend our homeland against all threats.

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Schmetterling 5 days ago

@tlove1488: mindfulness and know the risks;) There are new laws attacking citizens speech, children too, voicing certain words (threats) in public and online. Juvy is full of them currently. Even if joking. Those that are serious need to be aware. I say this in a benevolent way because they are using these new laws to jail children especially. These report thy neighbor snowflake commies at schools in particular use it to censor and create fear in our society. Ask me how I know? Everyone be on notice. These Covid tyrants are taking our rights away while we are focusing on their created chaos.

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tlove1488 4 days ago

@Schmetterling: That's why I said DEFEND. We are allowed to defend ourselves.

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Schmetterling 4 days ago

@tlove1488: smart. Juvy is full and overwhelmed. 100 plus hate snowflake reports per day online and in public (especially school) in our area. Even if your joking. USSR style. No tolerance. Just warning everyone.

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Raleigh20 6 days ago

One thing
that I like being
is white
if you know what I mean
and unadulterated
better as it were
by dint
by dint
of the white being white
in the orgasm department
the special white orgasm department
the white killshot
the white sex gasp
the liquid white prana
the breathing white chi
the salty white vril
in for the kill
the white sex kill
the mad unmatched
the white intensity
of white unique orgasmic release
the thrilling white power of that
but the others
their cocks
they do not feel the same
whiteless and defunct
their sexual sensations are vague
fathomed in mediocrity
void of eroticity
of bravura
of enlightenment
in the cunt department
even if that cunt itself be white and shaved
it is not obtained
hence the jealousy
hence the hatred
of my white sexual supremacy
of my white orgasm
the real thing

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twistedjoker 6 days ago

What a bunch of brain washed race traitor liberals only a retard would write on their face any way these white need to wake up .fuck the jews

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