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Jews Behind Illegal Immigration

Published on 13 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized


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scoot1073 2 months ago

How much money and social influence do you think this privileged "minority" need to be able to ORDER everyone about?

The top 10 positions in Biden's Cabinet are dual citizens USA/Israel.
Sec. of Treasury- Janet Yellen, Attorney General-Merrick Garland, Sec. Homeland Security- Alejandro Mayorkas, Dir. Nat. Intelligence- Avril Haines, WH Chief of Staff- Ron Klain, Dir. CIA- David S. Cohen, Office of Science & Tech. Policy- Eric Lander, Sec. State for Political Affairs- Victoria Nuland, Deputy Sec. of State- Wendy Sherman, Sec. of State- Antony Blinken.

Do as WE say or else your bread won't get buttered.
Twitch CEO - Emmett Shear (Ashkenazi)
Fakebook CEO - Mark Zuckerberg (Ashkenazi)
Whatsapp CEO - Jan Koum (Ashkenazi)
Instagram CEO - Adam Mosseri (Ashkenazi)
Alphabet CEO - Larry Page (owns Google)(Ashkenazi)
Youtube CEO - Susan Wojciki (Asheknazi Jew)
Twitter Leslie Berland - People & Marketing(Ashkenazi)
Snapchat CEO Micheal Lynton (Ashkenazi)
Reddit Chairman - Steven Newhouse (Ashkenazi)
Reddit CEO - Steve Huffman (Ashkenazi)
Tumblr CEO - David Karp (Ashkenazi)
Discord CEO - Jason Citron (Ashkenazi)

Ex-Marine Cpl here: "I've read five books now, by five different authors on the 9-11 attacks. Four authors concluded that Israel & Jewish American zionists, were totally responsible. The other author said Israel was only heavily involved. Beyond any doubt, this was a Mossad job & false flag.

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