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jews call police over "sign"

Published on 11 Sep 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Beachwood police are investigating after someone taped an anti-Semitic flyer to an electronic sign outside of the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage.

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BasedAndAwake 12 days ago

responsible for medical tyranny, the real holocaust makers

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whitepride73 1 month ago (edited)

"dehumanising words by Adolf Hitler" .. that's bullshit, because the first thing these Jews did when welcomed to Germany with open arms is they dehumanised Germany itself with faggot art and movies and everything opposite that Germania stood for, so fuck off you lying filthy piece of shit stinking sand nigger beggar Jew garbage bags. Everyone by now MUST see the same pattern happening: everything they blame on others is actually everything they stand for and do!

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VaXXXaNation 1 month ago

A safe Space to talk about differences and inclusion yet a simple note results in PooLice involvement. Lmao 6,000,000 times.

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Izzy_Kidding 1 month ago

The fact they called the holocaust "fake news" in the flyer makes me think some rabbi posted it. Cause it seems to me the majority of people that are aware of the holocaust and the jq don't support Trump because he's in on it.

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Bill Neil
Bill Neil 1 month ago

The leavening of the Beast system!
Devil's brood hard at work.
I REBUKE The Devil's of Edom/Canaanite in The Name of The Christ Jesus YHWH; The king of king's!!!

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