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Jews NEVER Respect the Dignity of the Children

Published on 22 Jul 2021 / In Jewish Question
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Titanomachy 2 months ago

Migrants can never come into the U.S. because they bring Central America with them. Everywhere they show up in great numbers becomes part of Mexico or Guatemala or Nicaragua or whatever, for all intents and purposes. When will leftists and normies get it through their thick skulls that the 3rd world is the 3rd world because of the behavior of the people living there? They seem to believe in magic soil. It's utterly hilarious to hear them try to make excuses for why sub-Saharan Africans have never constructed a two storey building without assistance from outsiders and why Scandinavia is nicer than Venezuela. They will bend over backwards to keep from admitting the obvious to themselves: it's a question of IQ and inherent racial nature. Different races have different strengths and weaknesses, and Whites specialize in creativity. Latinos aren't a race but rather a mongrel population, seeming to combine the worst aspects of Native Americans and Iberians, I mean they're remarkably more problematic than the pure-blooded or part-northern European Natives, who don't breed in great numbers and generally live on reservations or in rural communities rather than clogging up formerly majority-White cities and rapidly replacing us like Latinos. Latinos seemed to have really taken the Catholic enthusiasm for large families and rejection of contraception to heart more than any other Catholics, I mean those traditions would actually be good if White Catholics still followed them, but instead it's just the non-White hordes internalizing that while your average White Catholic is more watered down than even your average WASP, in fact there's this strange phenomenon in the Catholic Church today wherein people believe they have the right to drastically change the teachings of the Church simply because they were raised Catholic, as if Catholicism is an ethnoreligious identity like Judaism and you can be a secular Catholic that believes in "Progressive" dogma and rejects everything even remotely traditional. If these people want to support abortion, rather than changing the teachings of the Church to their liking they should just go and join a different denomination which is more left wing. I'm not even a Christian and I can tell that Pope Francis is the very definition of an anti-pope, someone that symbolizes the inversion of all traditional Catholic teachings. I'm more Catholic than he is and I don't even worship the Jew on a stick. But I digress, getting back to what I was saying about Latinos, it seems they have strongly retained the classic trait of Iberians to be "Latin Lovers", by which I mean that they commit even more rape in the U.S. annually than African Americans, and that's saying something. I don't know, I suppose the Aztecs were pretty bloodthirsty to begin with so they probably were pretty prolific rapists, I know the Apaches and Comanches were. I've always kind of got the impression that the closer a population is to the equator, the more hot-blooded they are, hence why Aztecs and Mayans were all about human sacrifice while Eskimos seem kind of, well, chill...pun intended. Haha I dunno it just seems like the Iroquois and Algonquins that the colonists met in North America were a lot friendlier and less horrifying than tribes like the Apaches and Aztecs. The strange part of that is how the Native Americans that built impressive permanent structures were confined to the more southerly latitudes, with the Incans being the most advanced considering how they managed to work with bronze, unlike other New World civilizations. Part of it could be simply a matter of differing lifestyles, in that a nomadic plains tribe would have no use for permanent stone structures. I definitely get the impression that a lot of ancient history is being deliberately obscured from the common man, especially concerning pre-Columbian contact and the extent of the Aryan expansion in the Bronze Age. Things like the Cocaine Mummies incontravertibly indicate that the ancient Egyptians had access to tobacco and cocaine, perhaps via great seafaring merchants like the Phoenicians, who definitely could have crossed the Atlantic if they put their minds to it. They could build large galleys which were easily better suited for long oceanic voyages than the Viking longships, and hell, even the New World monkeys descend from a lineage which crossed the Proto-Atlantic from Africa on a naturally formed raft of vegetation like mangroves perhaps. It's absurd to toss out the possibility of pre-Columbian contact as the mainstream historians have done, making it impossible to logically explain things like red-haired mummies in the Andes, which they pretend were mongoloid Natives that dyed their hair, or how the Aztecs had legends about Quetzalcoatl, a white-skinned, red-haired, red-bearded man whom they recognized Cortez as because the prophecy said he would return after being chased out in a bygone era for attempting to convince the Aztecs to stop performing human sacrifice, thus angering their bloodthirsty deities whom they placate with sacrifice. That specifically sounds like something a White man would do, endowed as we are with Aryan sensibilities which are unique to us that make us repulsed by such needless violence against helpless captives. We have been so successful at popularizing Aryan sensibilities as the premier form of morality around the world that many non-Whites have adopted it as well, but don't be fooled, they wouldn't have developed that sense of ethics independently, looking around the 3rd world backwaters reveals that in spades. We're so used to thinking of Aryan sensibilities as universal gut instincts when they're not, they're only innate to us and we've managed to make foreign civilizations imitate us because they saw how much better it is to live in a society where you're guaranteed a right to a trial by jury and harmful behavior is discouraged.

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Soldier1 2 months ago (edited)

I personally don't care about these children. It is up to their people to provide for and protect them. It is not America's job to rescue them. They need to learn to rescue themselves. We don't want to. We have our own hurting children to care for. This never ending situation makes us very angry.

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pater409 2 months ago

I can't stand the sight of small children wearing fucking face diapers. People are fucking stupid, and that's why I hate them. I won't watch this--more stupid fucks wearing stupid fucking face diapers FOR NOTHING.

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Iverology_Phd 2 months ago

Here is a top secret file on Andrei Yushinsky murdered by jews in 1911 in Kiev. A letter from the American council to the department of state:

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