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jews own all media is a good thing claims jew in media

Published on 04 Oct 2021 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

⁣Robert Siegel, host of NPR's All Things Considered, discusses the stereotype that Jews control the media at Moment Magazine's 35th anniversary symposium in 2010.

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Allophylian 2 days ago

Never over represent your self - fascists!!!

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Spectralwulf 19 days ago

NPR is likely a Federally usurped brainwashing network posing as publicly funded. It has a dry, dull tone about it that lulls people into a liberal coma. I recall seeing a video showing how an African government used subliminal messages and mind control techniques with public radio. They learned how to effect the moods and attitudes of multitudes of listeners to support their policies while diffusing popular outrage and anger with feel-good music programming so people will chill and not revolt.

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