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Jews…pestilence, mental plague, worst then the ancient Black Death

Published on 21 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

Most accurate description ive heard yet.

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AryanRooster 2 months ago

Very based old man.👍🏻

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Kofajgogsos 2 months ago

Until the FAJ / SOS and their global horde of 9 billion weaponized subhumanity are exterminated , White's will continue being culled to extinction.

Obadiah 1:15-18 - Micah 4:13 - Matthew 24:22 - Revelation 12:15-17 -

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scm_bacont 2 months ago

Good reference points!

Keep up the good fight!

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Kofajgogsos 2 months ago

@scm_bacont: Amen Brother !!

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mics972 2 months ago

All Pandemics, Are Jewish Ritual Murder, All Vaccines Are Poison!
Vaccines Are Not Kosher, Orthodox Jews Will Never Take The Evil
DIVOC Demon Spirit.

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runehq1488 2 months ago

I was wondering if the Jews caused the Black Plague

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mics972 2 months ago

@runehq1488: Yeah; There seems to be a very suspicious evidence of of 9 million people in France alone were all part of a systematic depopulation event. Will the facts ever been is doubtful as time passes and the people were all involved came to a systematic demise to bury the evidence of a coverup and corruption.
Please take a look at what I found on the Black Plague and more importantly, who was behind it!
The manufacturer of vaccines in history vaccinations and the history of such:

This history is most disturbing and most enlightening as those that seek the truth:
[27] Jesus saith, When the Comforter is come, whom I shall send unto you,
He will lead you into all Truth.
Search the Light within you souls, for there will ye find the reality of all things.
Link :

[2] Jesus said: He who seeks, let him not cease seeking until he finds; and when he finds
he will be troubled, and if he is troubled, he will be amazed, and he will reign over the All.
Link :

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mics972 2 months ago

@runehq1488: Also; When you see the people of Moloch; Baal; Lucifer; Satan; are of the same people as Torah; Talmud; Kabalah; and Zohar. These people have their own GOD-Yahweh and everybody else they consider is soulless and to make them their slaves as cattle/goyim.
This is the ancient wisdom Jesus was trying to tell us about, these banksters and false priests are of all mostly these same people as today as they were 2, 000 years ago.

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runehq1488 2 months ago

@mics972: So the God of the Old Testament is not the God of the New Testament?

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mics972 2 months ago

@runehq1488: GOD dwells inside all of us; How else does he know what you are thinking?
GOD gives us strength and courage in tough times.
GOD works through us when we have the Holy Spririt.
You can not deceive GOD as GOD knows the truth when you speaketh and profess good things.
For the wisdom of GOD is the word of Truth, therefore Truth is also GOD's word.

You are not going to find GOD in any church, or man made building.
With the teachings of Jesus in our hearts, we have grace in GOD.
Jesus basically taught us, we reap what we sow, doing good in life!
“Do NOT do unto others what you do NOT want them to do unto you”.

The Gospel of Thomas:
These are the secret words, which the living Jesus spoke, and Didymus Judas Thomas wrote down.

[57] Jesus said: The kingdom of the Father is like a man who had [good] seed. His enemy came by night, he sowed a weed among the good seed. The man did not allow them to pull up the weed. He said to them: Lest perhaps you go to pull up the weed, and pull up the wheat with it. For on the day of harvest the weeds will be manifest; they will be pulled up and burned.

[95] [Jesus said]: If you have money, do not lend at interest, but give [it] to him from whom you will not receive it back.

THESE are sayings of the living Jesus recorded by Thomas who is called Didymus.
Whoever learns the inner meaning of these truths shall live forever in the Eternal Sea.

[7] Jesus saith, He who standeth alone shall be with God; he who is with God shall stand alone.

[9 Jesus saith, I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life:
the Way because ye must walk in my footsteps to reach the throne of the Eternal,
the Truth because I am the Eternal God, the Totality of all that is, the Life because
the Tree of Life, grounded in the Earthly Mother and ascending to the Heavenly
Father, is nourished in my blood.
[12] Jesus saith, The shadows of this world are perceived by men and they think
they know the Truth, but the reality which casteth the shadows is hidden from
them and they perceive not the Light.
Verily I say unto you, only when ye perceive shadows as shadows and search the
Light will ye perceive the reality which is God.

[20] Nathaniel saith to Him, When thou hast gone out of the world, how shall we
know the Father?
Jesus saith, The Father is within you. Learn thyself, and thou shalt know me and
my Father, that where we are, ye may be also.
Ye are the sons of God. What, shall the son not be like his Father?
ye are the daughters of God. Shall the daughter not be like her Mother?
Take heed to yourselves that ye pollute not your birthright.

[43] Jesus saith, The power of hate is strong, but Love conquereth all. God is Love!

[45] Jesus saith, I am come that ye might have Life, for the ways of man
are living death, but the Way of God is deathless Life.
He who walketh the Way I walk, though he may die, he shall live forever,
for he cannot be overcome. Death is swallowed up in the victory of Life.

[47] Jesus saith, I am in all things; yet I am beyond all things. Not in seeking
shall ye find me but in Peace.
Nevertheless, in seeking ye shall find yourselves and then shall ye know God.

[49] Jesus saith unto him, Why callest thou me good? God alone is good,
for He is Light, and if I am good, then I am God, for I am Light.
Search that Light within thyself, for it is thy goodness and the power of thy
salvation when charged with the grace of the Son of God.
When thou keepest the commandments of the Law, it is the Light that doeth the works.

[57] Jesus saith unto the disciples, If ye love me, keep my commandments,
for Love cannot rebel but seeketh total unity and perfect peace.

[58] Jesus saith, ye walk in mists of darkness which is the heritage of this world,
but within ye have a Light which burneth with Eternal Fire. This will light you Way unto God.

[59] Jesus saith, Raise your children in Love and Truth. Cover them with Love and
and show them the Way of Life through your godly example and they will not depart from it.

Today's Sermon; "DEVIL AMONGST US"

runehq1488 - Thank You & GOD Bless You . . .

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Paulsmithatkins 2 months ago

Jews call themselves the destroyers for a reason. They are in fact the plague upon the world and many Rabbi's even admits it.

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Soldier1 2 months ago


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