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Published on 14 Jan 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣3rd World Country? Nope! This is Chicago! Train Gets Robbed of TVs, Mattresses and More in Broad Daylight
If you're wondering why it might be hard to find some products in Chicago, take a look at this train being robbed of all its goodies in broad daylight as it's stopped. TVs, mattresses and a plethora of other large objects can be seen being taken from the box cars by individuals standing and waiting in line for something they may like.

All of the people filmed on camera will more than likely not be charged for theft since Democrats in big cities across the USA have basically said crime is acceptable and cops are evil for doing thier jobs. Unless of course people show up to Democrats blocks, then suddenly it's an issue that must be dealt with ASAP.

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Spectralwulf 6 days ago

I wonder how they managed to get the doors open? I would think you'd need a cutting torch but apparently not. Who ever unlocked these rolling treasure chests must have spread the word to the whole neighborhood to come load up. It's no wonder they are often called coons - they excel a getting into things and making off with the trash of human civilization.

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_ghost_ 6 days ago

There's a Bolt but maybe just a plastic seal.....UPS Freight was using a steal cable to wrap around the top.

These niggers were just getting lucky with the TV's because you never know what is in them containers. Most of the time they are super heavy.

There's a real NIGGER PROBLEM with inflation now and shortages. Crime will now INCREASE with Stagflation from all the printed money for WallStreet.

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