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Jim's Email Discussion Time - June 4, 2022

Published on 09 Jun 2022 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

⁣Are people really this clueless about the election and voter fraud? (dkk) Election reform? That ship has SO sailed with the DOMINION DOMINATION and the mail-in ballots on demand, with a call to the mail-in center. THE ELECTION PROCESS IS FRIED.

From Jim to merlin1246@aol.com - Really? How about exposing the Jews for their fake Holocaust lies, which they cover-up by making laws that question it and is considered hate and antisemitic? How about their control of the banking system and Wall Street? The pharmaceutical death business that is causing millions of deaths because of their death vaccines. How about their running of the pornography business and the fact that they enslave people to all that filth? They are also the big players in illegal immigration that is bankrupting cities and towns dealing with the flood of these people coming here? They are also the ones behind all the censorship going on against the real truth-tellers, who are being banned left and right on all the media platforms who try their best to expose them. How about how the fact that they want to destroy the nuclear family with all their gay agenda crap, should I go on?? All the news presented today is to keep all these issues away from you, and if you don't see it, I wonder about where you're coming from. The Jews are the "Synagogue of Satan", does it get any worse than that? They are out to destroy all that is good and righteous, and maybe even fool gullible guys/gals? You ACTUALLY think these jews are the good guys!!! o how do you like that rabbit hole? JR

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