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JIm and Diane, Our Tribute to ROSEMARIE ROHRBACH (Apr 26, 1942-Jan 27, 2023), Jan 29, 2023

Published on 02 Feb 2023 / In News & Politics

⁣This was an interview we had with Rosie in Summer 2016. This picture of Der Fuehrer was her favorite.

IN TRIBUTE TO ROSEMARIE: ‘You are not going on your own and nor will you be on your own. You are and always will be in just the other room. We will follow you. We will join you after our fleeting mortality, which is only a passing thing for a purpose; that is all. You are not the first to return to the in-between life and you will not be the last. Here or there is an irrelevancy. We remain together as a link, the link that you made in a chain that mortality cannot break. The mortal loss is temporary, and togetherness is eternal. There is no such thing as finality, only transformation, which is to be welcomed as without it we cannot experience immortality.’ Michael Walsh.

The League of Extraordinary Revisionists Presents The German Story The German Way, a fascinating Interview and discussion with German Survivors of Allied Atrocities Rosemarie and Karin in Canada, in July 2016, by Diane King.

The real Holocaust was suffered by the German People then and now. After the war’s end, the sinister GERMANY MUST PERISH dogma was savagely unleashed on the defeated former foe. It is estimated that 14 million Germans perished after the war’s end as a deliberate population control policy. No one, to my knowledge, has ever claimed this figure to be an exaggeration. The scars the Allied Atrocities left behind will never heal. We still have to endure it with every Hollywood Film produced that is repeating the never-ending lies.

In the introduction to the presentation, Diane explains that they give a voice to the German People who are not allowed to speak about their sufferings. Rosemarie says, ‘The details are just my explanations on what I have experienced and what my Mother had commented about the Hitler Years, ‘the best years of her life’ and that also was the truth. Originally all interviews done by Diane and Jim with German Survivors were freely available on you tube, they are banned now. (Contact us for our interviews now being uploaded to BITCHUTE).​

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