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Jim and Joe, New Brazilian CCPO, School Issues, Feb 17, 2022

Published on 17 Feb 2022 / In Immigration

⁣FRAMINGHAM LOW-LIGHTS (Happening everywhere)

*** Mayor nominated a brazilian-born woman, City Citizen Participation Officer (CCPO) who claims she plans to represent ALL citizens but Jim and Joe are doubtful - as they suspect she'll focus and MAJOR on brazilian interests - EXCLUSIVELY AND PREDOMINANTLY.
*** TURNING A BLIND EYE to Immigrant Crimes - NO RULE OF LAW - Total corruption.

*** Framingham Registered Motor Vehicle Debacle - Fake Road Test Probe
***** 2100 Drivers Impacted
***** Passing Scores without testing.
***** 4 RMV Employees Terminated.
***** At one time, they were GIVING licenses to illegals (pay-off corruption)

*** Framingham Massachusetts School Board Authority (MSBA) Rejects New School
***** 9000 kids into the school system (x$20,000 per); Half at least English as a Second Language (ESL) Learners.
***** 1000 kids now, future projections - need 2-3 MORE SCHOOLS.
***** Hemorrhaging of illegals overwhelms the system.
***** No schools, (next 5 years) so portable schools like trailers.
***** Jim and Joe predicted this.

***** In-Law Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU): Adding onto houses to facilitate the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT GLUT.
***** Need for policing - NEVER HAPPEN.

*** Driver Licenses for Illegals.

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12 months ago

I'm blown away by a Google article I saw today. It was titled "Stalin-The Mark of a Leader". My guess is jews now want to portray this butcher as a great man in their NWO delusional world.

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