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jIMPACT 2022-08-29 COVID. R U With Me Yet?

jbl .
Published on 29 Aug 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣Are you with me yet on the criminal “covid” hoax? I was right from the get-go, early 2020.

Let’s review.

See my CREDENTIALS page for the best of resources. In this case, see the listing for “Bechamp Or Pasteur?” to learn the truth about jew-glorified Louis Pasteur and
the ongoing lies about so-called “vaccines.”

⁣Verifiable facts, assembled into knowledge. And the best of us achieve wisdom atop that knowledge. Not opinions here. Not beliefs.

Jim Laffrey

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SarahPerry 3 months ago

Jewish heroes in Vaccination!

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jbl .
jbl . 3 months ago

Of course, not "heroes" but criminals, enemies, each in need of a bullet to the brain. And there are more not included in the meme, such as Stanley Plotkin, who I mentioned in my video.

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Charlotte0 3 months ago

I was able to beat my Stage 3 Lung cancer which have already spread to the lymph nodes with natural herbal medicine. I was recommended to Doctor Nelson a herbal specialist on this page by his previous patients. I contacted him and also shared my health issues with him through his mail. I placed an order for his products which was delivered to my address within 4 days through Dhl and he gave me directions on how to use the products I was completely cured within a month without side effects. After treatments I went for another scan to be sure if the cancer cells are completely eradicated from my body and my result was successful. I recommend his products for; Herpes, COVID, colon and pancreatic cancer, infertility, prostate, breast cancer, HPV. His info email; drnelsonsalim10@gmail.com

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jbl .
jbl . 3 months ago

The "Charlotte0" comment is certainly a load of crap, folks. I was going to simply delete it, but two people gave it "likes"! So, I'll explain, instead. Covid is bullshit, but this person recommends buying mail-order chemicals to cure it. This person claims to have had "Stage 3 Lung cancer" that was "completely cured within a month" by buying and taking mail-order chemicals. That ought be enough said. But now note the email name of the "doctor": "Salim". NOT White. Also, if you click to "Charlotte0"'s account, it was begun on 29August2022, the day of the comment. The person chose the gender "male" for him/her self. No liked videos, no other info whatsoever.

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SarahPerry 3 months ago (edited)

In time all jew greats, i.e. Jonas Salk, are revealed as frauds. 1. Why would you trust mass vaccination where the number is up to 84 for kids. 2. Why would you trust mass vaccinations from a guy that writes about killing everybody. -

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Hatbox 3 months ago

I'm so proud of myself. Powdered eggs cost like $125.00 for 16 ounces. I bought a dehydrator and am making my own for a fraction of that. My ex texted me
unexpectedly, and he said he's had at least 3 mRNA jabs plus he's had covid. He said he'd been hospitalized, and I thought he's lucky to be alive and to have escaped ventilation. I had no words. Unbelievable.

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