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jIMPACT 2022-09-04 GOLF: PGA and LIV

jbl .
Published on 04 Sep 2022 / In Sports

Have you thought about the jew infestation of golf?
I have.

By the way, the professional guitar I used for all PATTON.45 songs is available!

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jbl .
jbl . 10 days ago

Funny: After I made this video, the known jew Matt Wolff had a mental meltdown, spewing the "f" word all over the place, and deliberately breaking his putter. Turns out, he is known for mental problems.

Disappointment: Just today, after the LIV tournament finished with Cameron Smith winning it, a woman identified as his girlfriend kissed him, and she looks like a sure jew. If Cam Smith is White, he is ignorant and has been latched onto by a gold-digging jew.

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SarahPerry 24 days ago

(((They))) infiltrate everything. I didn't know the armed police do the circuit with the golfers.
Amy Alcott, US, LPGA Tour, World Golf Hall of Fame[2]
Herman Barron, US, PGA Tour[2]
Laetitia Beck, Israel, Israeli champion & 3× Maccabiah Games gold, LPGA Tour[300]
Daniel Berger, US, PGA Tour
Erica Blasberg, US, LPGA Tour[301]
Bruce Fleisher, US, PGA Tour[302]
Paul Friedlander, Eswatini, Sunshine Tour[303]
Max Homa, US, 2013 NCAA Division I Men's Golf Champion, PGA Tour[304]
Asher Iyasu, Ethiopia-born Israel[305]
Jonathan Kaye, US, PGA Tour[21]
Skip Kendall, US, Champions Tour[306][307][308][309]
Alexander Lévy, France, European Tour[310]
David Lipsky, US, Asian Tour[311]
Sam Little, England, European Tour[312][313][314]
David Merkow, US, Northwestern University, 2006 Big Ten Golfer of the Year[315]
Rob Oppenheim, US, PGA Tour
Corey Pavin, US, PGA Tour and Champions Tour (converted to Christianity)[3]
Morgan Pressel, US, LPGA Tour[316]
Monte Scheinblum, US, 1992 US & World Long Drive Champion[21]
Zohar Sharon, Israel[317]
Tony Sills, US, PGA Tour[318]
Ben Silverman, Canada, PGA Tour[319]

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jbl .
jbl . 23 days ago

So, you found a different list, also on wiki-jew-pedia. They don't out their crypto-jews. They don't even have the known jew Matthew Wolff on this list, but this list does include some that the list I cited did not have.

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