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jIMPACT! Finale. Better Way Forward. White Way Forward

jbl .
Published on 28 Sep 2022 / In Interesting

⁣This, the finale of the jIMPACT! series, offers a better way forward, a better mindset.

Stark. Accurate. Practical. Optimistic.

Come along for the ride.

Click to my website of treasures, including the remarkable CREDENTIALS Page:

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SarahPerry 8 months ago

Nice "con-trails"! X marks the spot - buried treasure? Can't help myself in noticing how the "con-trails" spread out and make clouds. Not like in the good ol' days when the contrails rapidly disappeared.
Knowing the next step is coming, and needs to come, but not looking forward to it. Someone has noted, "jew peace is worse than war",i.e. millions have now been damaged and dying from the jew "vaccines".

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jbl .
jbl . 8 months ago

That image ought to denote that Alinsky is a jew.

In regard to the chemtrails, yes, I noticed them and included them deliberately. For weeks, I had not noticed any significant chemtrails. And then yesterday (27 Sept.), they were rampant. Yes, we have all been damaged by the poison "vaccines," and fluoride poison in the water, and poisons added to foods (and especially to the packaged crap the ignorant believe to be food), and poisons as "medicines." Each of those jew crimes qualifies for capital punishment, but our drugged ignorant cowardly population does nothing, having been thoroughly beaten, obviously. That's all from the loss of the previous War. Going forward, we must incite the next War.

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Tiger Zwei
Tiger Zwei 8 months ago

Thank you for uploading the jIMPACTseries Jim. Looking forward to a new inspired series, or even the occasional update.

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