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jIMPACT! LOANS. Fee yes. Interest no.

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Published on 09 Sep 2022 / In Money / Banking / Federal Reserve

⁣Very simple verifiable facts here. Anyone can understand this description of how loans are done now versus how they should be done.

In fact, how they should be done is how they were done before our duped ancestors gave away control of our money system. And it’s how they still are done in some truly arab-controlled banks, if there are any left.

Come along for the 10-minute ride on the WHO, WHAT, and WHY of it.

This knowledge leads to, and is required to get to, the real Solution.

I am Jim Laffrey, and I hope this show has an IMPACT on you and will have an IMPACT on everybody you share it with.

My website's famous CREDENTIALS Page: ⁣https://mywhitetv.nfshost.com/?page_id=381

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SarahPerry 7 months ago

American jews like Guilty-Until-Proven-Innocent Gun Control. What they don't like is Napolean, "jews are guilty until proven innocent". Napolean stopped the practice of usury for 10 years. Then a weak leader let the law lapse.

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Tiger Zwei
Tiger Zwei 6 months ago

Jews love Napolean, he freed them in France, jews even name their kids after him.

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UncleSemantic 7 months ago

I just finished Kerry Bolton’s The Banking Swindle, a very clear and concise breakdown minus the technical jargon of the enemy’s schemes at work. I highly recommend his work.

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