jIMPACT! Scotty Kilmer - Car Diagnostic King on jewtube

jbl .
Published on 24 Sep 2022 / In Cars & Vehicles

Scotty Kilmer, about 70 years old, has been a famous mechanic and diagnostic expert for a looong time. His popularity on Youtube (jewtube) has made him a millionaire.

Here are some reasons why he can help you with all things "car" as he is nearly always correct. Most of his commenters are dumb worshipers, but if Scotty makes a real mistake, a couple of car-wise commenters will provide corrections.

Caution1: Even though he is nearly always correct, it is wise to NOT jump into a repair or other important decision based on one video. Do a search for other how-to videos on the same subject and compare diagnoses and steps required for the best repair.

Caution2: Don't take any of his video titles seriously. They are nearly always silly clickbait.

He's such an expert in his field, it may have given him "the big head" into thinking he's right about everything. But he's way wrong on CO2, nuclear power, the cause of government crimes and media lies, and more. In fact, months ago I sent two different friendly emails to him about CO2, to no avail. No replies, and no change in his statements about "carbon emissions" bs.

Join me for some details -- and some fun in the style of Scotty.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 4 months ago

Lose that Toyota salesman
Sub to
Uncle Tony’s Garage
My Tired Iron
Thunderbolt 289

There are far better mechanics out there
With real knowledge

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jbl .
jbl . 4 months ago

That's bad advice. Why? Kilmer offers mostly advice to regular people with cars from 2000 and newer who might do simple maintenance, simple repairs, and want to avoid scams. UNCLE TONY'S GARAGE appears very different, focused on much older cars and for viewers who can do major repairs. "MY TIRED IRON" seems to NOT exist, likewise similar names I tried. "THUNDERBOLT 289" seems to NOT exist, but a "Thunderhead289" exists and looks quite similar to Uncle Tony's.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 4 months ago

@jbl .:
Yes that’s the idea
The old cars and old tech is ours
The new tech and nwo are integrated with there Microsoft microprocessors
De- industrialization should never have been complied with.
If you fail to see the connection or relevance between small family farms and Monsanto or trading our industry to Asia or globalization
I cannot help
Yes they are connected and congruent with our race / heritage culture and form of government
Intimately connected in fact
Few can grasp this concept- in fact fewer every year.
The Marxist know
#1 seize the means of industry
That is their #1 creed and they have done that
As they claim new cars are safe they have killed over 140 million white European people and subvert every nation through the cia central banking regulatory commission who
Only gives loans for the products that they have invested in.
General Motors is totally gone
Hyundai took its place
Soon the electrick fade will take hold .
As the goyim race in their foreign cars for foreign exchange notes and foreign objectives- its very easy to see who is “ For Real “ and who is all talk in this war of ideological agendas.

All we had to do is boycott the mega industry farms and use domestic fuel and build our own machines
It was that easy
The sell outs lost not only all these options- but now miscegenation will replace us as Hyundai replaces Oldsmobile

Don’t complain when it happens

All the good information on the internet is being censored or people claim
They don’t have the time

Don’t have the time to do what’s right and racing to please what is wrong.

The white European people are like Oldsmobile
The nwo is miscegenation is Toyota
The Jews are Tesla

These guys promote an entire way of thinking that is counterintuitive to what is right
Most are so demoralizated that can’t tell the difference.

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SAINT_Adolph_Hitler 4 months ago

if you can’t tell, that’s a JEW BAG you're an idiot

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jbl .
jbl . 4 months ago

So says somebody who can't spell Adolf Hitler correctly. Why spew an insult at me? That just puts your own mentality on display. Also, what's the evidence for Scotty Kilmer being a "JEW BAG"?

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 4 months ago

@jbl .:
He is also congruent with Consumer Reports magazine

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Ogre 5 months ago

I am pretty aware of the reality of this world and I know Scotty´s content pretty well. I say he is an all car relevant guy that calls whatever he sees, with integrity. Also politically. But he does not care to go deeper into the "rabbit holes" than he sees directly relevant for his particular field of topic. I cant hold grudge to him. To me he is so far, a down to the bone good man.

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BasedAndAwake 6 months ago

Cars s huge scam big oil just like big diamonds. Kilmer mentions planned obsolescence and the giant ripoff cars are so that seems in his favor. Is Kilmer a real mechanic or a well connected showman who can't fix shit and is propped up by jewtube bros? If someone has concrete examples of shitty products or sabotaging advice then please share a link and timestamp, otherwise there doesn't seem to be fault. Are there better alternatives for car repair channels than this being blocked?

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jbl .
jbl . 6 months ago

Kilmer is a real mechanic. And he is a showman, as he has done videos of car advice to the public for decades. He's an expert on car mechanical and electrical operation. Outside of that, he doesn't know what he doesn't know.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 4 months ago

Hygrocarbons are made from microbes in Marcellus shale deposits
They are free and clean
Natural Gas and gasoline
Diesel and propane
Are by far the most efficient and effective way to store energy.
I believe the BTU per LBS is vastly greater than any battery ever could be.

The petrodollars
Our money
Us world reserve currency exchange is based upon oil
As the oil is a blessing and controlled
The nwo
Crypto currency debt notes will be a global crisis
Because the wind and solor is BULLSHIT

- Gen Iayd Erinberg types
Are converting hygrocarbon energy into electricity
The ohm resistance is staggering loss of potential kinetic energy
Is really burning more to power their wire’s
They use jet engines to make electricity right from the refinery
No solor power ever makes it off it’s wind farm

It’s a scam

They will shut your car down like a Facebook account with their electrick POWER.

Get it?

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Tiger Zwei
Tiger Zwei 6 months ago

I'm looking forward to the reset. Been prepping for it since 98.

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