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Joe Biden Falls Off His Bike.

Published on 18 Jun 2022 / In Comedy



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IsraelIsChristian 8 days ago

His whole stupid act to explain Americas planned implosion

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TheBlueMule 8 days ago

I wonder if they did that on purpose to make us look even weaker.

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IsraelIsChristian 7 days ago

His entire Presidency is an act

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GlitterFinch 9 days ago

He's already got brain damage! 🤣🤣

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NeVerRelaX01 9 days ago

most of us take our feet off the pedals when we stop we know we have to put our feet down
this makes me wonder if americans are stupid or Biden is human
who knows i will leave that up to you to decide

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K43K98 9 days ago

This proves gravity is real.

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Lenny 7 days ago

Haha as a cyclist you call a non moving or barely moving crash a "gravity check"

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