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Joe Rogan apologizes for openly using N-word and Planet of the Apes reference and Blacks

Published on 06 Feb 2022 / In Niggers
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JWCS45 2 months ago

I fucking hate this Jew Rogan!!! Fucking filthy slithering snake in the grass!!!
Never trust this fucking Jew Snake!!!

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drutsohg 5 months ago

I used to like it whenever he would have people like Randall Carlson on. But one day I watched nearly two hours of B roll from the protests in 2020 in North Carolina and it was all jiggers trailing shoes and stuff. Then on his show Joe Rogan said from what he saw it was all whites people doing all the stealing. I immediately stopped ever watching him. It sucks because I like Randall carlsons viewpoints and several other people too, but fuck that anti white like mother fucker

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AppalachianAmerican 5 months ago

Absolutely nothing wrong with being racist...for all races...and niggers too.

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WhiteNight 5 months ago

this utterly ugly knave comes from the devil itself yet the bastards that are listening to its demonic puked out programs over the years are the very knaves

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Terrarium Firma
Terrarium Firma 5 months ago

this guy is a jew and a nigger lover

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