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Johnny Rebel - Living Next to Niggers (Cowboys and Niggers)

Published on 15 Jun 2021 / In Music

⁣Johnny Rebel - Living Next to Niggers (Cowboys and Niggers)

⁣The house next door to me's been sold to niggers.
They claim to be wild Indians from the plains.
Oh, but they ain't a-shuckin' me -- they're colored people.
We'll make "Cowboys and Niggers," our new game.

Last night when I come home, I's warmly greeted.
But not by my sweet wife sayin', "Hello, Dear."
Instead it was, "Hello, dere. What mamma-jamma?"
Says, "How does you like us dark folks livin' here?"

I'd sell my house, but I ain't had no offers.
Though I paid twenty-thousand, I'd take two.
'Cause this nigger crap's done killed all my red roses.
And my violets turned black instead of blue.

Last night the N-A-A-C-P came a-callin'.
I didn't know what it was all about.
Oh, but it didn't take me long to understand them.
When they said, "Won't you kindly move your white butt out."

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