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Johnny Rebel - Lyndon, Lyndon

Published on 15 Jun 2021 / In Music

⁣Johnny Rebel - Lyndon, Lyndon Lyrics

⁣Lyndon Lyndon I've been thinking

What a fine place this would be if all the niggers

Were transported to Washington DC now we don't want

No immagration whites and niggers must not mix every

Place that's ever tried it ended up in an office fix

A stupid nigger shouts black power we all know that ain't

Right lets put them black aids in their place and keep all

The power white we don't want no agitators down here stiring

Up above keep them up there with you Lyndon we know what's best

For us

Now here's a word to Martin Luther

Your'e not welcome here in the south things would

Be a whole lot better if you shut your big black mouth

Lyndon Lyndon your big deal with the NAACP you could never

Get a vote from a conservative like me

[ Outro ] You could never get a vote from a conservative like me

I'm here to say that if you were running for the only office in town

By one person and that was me I wouldn't vote for you you could never

Get a vote from a conservative like me I would never vote for you

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